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People often approach me about IT problems (either at work, or friends/relatives outside work). However, sometimes I find out about these problems by chance: I’ll see something odd, and the person will say “Oh, yeah, that always happens”.

I was chatting to someone recently, and while I was there I saw that they had a problem with their printer. Whenever they printed something it said “Insert paper and press GO” before every page. (The printer tray had plenty of paper in it.) On this particular occasion, they were printing out a 62 page document, so they were stuck standing next to the printer so that they could keep jabbing this button. I enquired further, and they said that it had been like this for months. I admire their patience – I would have been tempted to throw the thing out of a window after a week of that! Anyway, I went away to do some digging through the manual, and discovered that the printer settings include “Manual feed = ON”. I changed this to “OFF”, and they can now send documents through which print out all the pages without any button pressing required.

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