LaTeX formatting

I’m currently doing an MSc; this includes a project, and there are regulations about how to write up the final report. In particular:

“The project report must also contain listings of all source code. The source code listings must be contained in an appendix, and do not count towards the 40 page limit for the project report. The code listings must be presented in a compact format (printed double-sided, and with two pages to a side).”
“It is strongly recommended that the document typesetting system TEX or LATEX is used.”

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Configuring a Palm Vx for WAP access


I have a Palm Vx, and a Nokia 6310i mobile phone on an Orange account. A while back, I set up my account for WAP access and GPRS, and I was then able to view WAP pages on the mobile phone. I then wanted to be able to view these pages on my Palm Vx, using an infra-red connection between the two, and this proved to be quite a challenge.

I am documenting the process here, for anyone else who wants to achieve the same thing. If you are using different equipment, then this may still be of some use to you, but it probably won’t work in exactly the same way. In particular, I haven’t used BlueTooth, but I’d imagine that the configuration is quite similar.

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70-165: Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Programming


I recently decided to become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), starting with the VB 5 exam. I passed it with a score of 898/1000, which I’m pleased about. I can tell you what I did to prepare for this exam, although I can’t guarantee that the same thing will work for you. I should mention that I’ve been using VB since August 1994 (I taught myself version 3 by reading the supplied manuals), so I wasn’t starting from scratch here. Essentially, I already knew how to use VB (it’s what I do for a living), so I just wanted to know how to pass the exam.

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